We usually require statisticians to write articles about the analysis of RTP ratios and comparisons between the different online casinos to understand the most favorable options for players.

Also, we need frequently find writers to write reviews based on the findings of the statistician or casino specialist. This means, putting down the information in text and creating tables to order the info in a way that is easily understood by a reader.

We work in collaboration with Upwork, so you can reach us there, read our offers, and apply when we have published offers that pique your interest. We thank you in advance.

For the satisfaction of these requirements, we protect prospective employees and contractors of our team under our umbrella through our diversity policy and our policies against modern slavery. We want people to have fun writing for us in a diverse environment. We also want our readers to have fun playing in secure online casinos, encouraging responsible gaming at the same time. We do our best to help our readers with that goal, as you can read when we introduce our company and our very strict editorial guidelines, encompassing also transparency in our content through our open sitemap.